These 12 Words Through Text Will Make You His Secret Obsession

With the advent of so many dating apps, it’s easy to get wrapped up in romance from the screen of your mobile phone. Nowadays, the Internet is a critical part of the dating world. It’s difficult to imagine what dating was like before smartphones existed!

While body language is a good way to signal to your man that you want him, you can’t always use body language over a text. And when it comes to online dating, you only have a few seconds to make a good first impression. That first text needs to be really meaningful.

If you’ve found someone online that you really like, and you want him to go crazy for you, use these 4 text messages to really drive his desires.

1. Q&A: Question and Arouse

Forego the typical Q&A session that accomplishes nothing but small talk. Instead of saying, “What are you up to today?”, do something that piques his arousal.
For example, ask him: “What are you wearing right now?”. This already gets him on a more personal level. When he responds or asks why, simply say “I want to know what I’ll be taking off of you tonight”. He’s already hooked!

Of course, you don’t want to go too overboard with these kinds of texts. Then he’ll just think you’re in it for the sex.

2. Appeal to His Senses

Men love sensual texts. Instead of sending empty words, give him something of value that he can use to really gauge how much you like him. Instead of being too forward, give him just a little taste of something sensual, which will leave him begging for more.

If you want him to be interested in you, you need to show him interest too. Mention something about your underwear without describing it completely.

3. Give Him the Illusion of Nudity

Men love to imagine things. Especially dirty things. And when you want him to imagine these things about you, you can give him the opportunity to do so. Lead him on with a text that implies you are naked, either currently or very soon.

Some great examples include:

• “BRB, I am going to take a hot shower.”
• “I’m going bra shopping today!”
• “Guess who just took off her underwear?”

This will leave him desperate for your attention (and your body, of course).

4. Show Your Confidence

Men love women who love life! While it’s great to flirt with him and show him that you are physically interested in him, you don’t want to give yourself away in the process. Maintain your confidence and self-esteem to show him that you are a positive person.

A little bit of passion can go a long way!

It never hurts to text him about what a good day you’re having. Or maybe you just got a promotion or a great gift from a friend. Tell him about it! You know who you are and what you want. Don’t hide that part of yourself away. In fact, that is a big part of what will draw him to you, making him obsessed with you forever!