3 Adorable Triggers You Can Use to Become His Secret Obsession

Falling in love isn’t just part of a fairy tale; it’s science. There are scientifically-proven ways to get your man to fall in love with you if he hasn’t already. While there are just some people we will never be attracted to, there are some who we may fall in love with without realizing it. Your man might be one of these people.

Use these three adorable tips to make him fall head over heels for you easily. These scientific methods are guaranteed – no love degree required!

1. Reflect His Mannerisms

Mirroring his body language can help him notice you. Mirroring is something we subconsciously do when we adore a person. DId you know that? You move your fingers, he crosses his, he leans in, you lean in, and so forth. Just because you usually do this subconsciously doesn’t mean you can’t do it consciously.
Create feelings of closeness by mirroring him as a way of saying, “I like you and I experience things the same way you do!” Research proves that the praise centers in our brains light up whilst a person we’re interacting with mirrors our frame language, no matter how attractive we discover them. This is a great way to get him to fall in love with you even when he’s not realizing it!

Here are some tips:

• Cross your arms after he does.
• Take a sip of your drink a few seconds after he sips his.
• If he tilts his head to one side during a conversation, tilt yours too.

2. Wear Lots of Red

Red may come off as a bold color, but that’s exactly the point. Red is known as the color of love, and it can actually spark feelings of passion within the brain.

Studies had already established that red on females increases male appeal in the animal world, however now a have a look at how it works with humans. In a recent test, guys who talked with ladies in red ended up asking extra intimate questions than they did of women sporting other colors.

In another test, guys talked with women wearing red and blue. When asked to sit, they chose to sit closer to the ones in red. When a man likes you, he wants to be close to you. Red is scientifically proven to drive him wild!

3. Don’t Be Afraid to Snuggle

Snuggling is an adorable and intimate act that can really bring two people close together. And not just physically! Humans need contact with other humans in order to feel safe, nurtured, and comfortable. Almost everyone loves to be hugged and touched in that way, and doing this to your man can show him that you are really looking to form an intimate connection.

The human touch creates a chemical response in the brain, which can alter the way we feel about someone. This means that cuddling with him can actually get him to fall in love with you more. It’s time to put these adorable tips to the test!