5 Things That Will Make You His Secret Obsession

How do you flirt with your man and make him obsessed with you forever?

It’s easy: use the language of love.

Love language isn’t being talked about as much as it should be. It’s actually an extremely powerful tool to make your man loyal and dedicated to you. The trick to making him obsessed with you is to use clever psychology tools.

Surprisingly, men aren’t just attracted to someone based on their physical appearance. They are driven by a desire to serve and protect you – as long as they feel appreciated too. Here are 5 ways to use love language to make him unable to stop thinking about you.

1. Ask Him About His Body

The magic phrase, “Have you been working out?” really goes a long way. It immediately lets him know that you are thinking about him in an intimate and physical way. Even if he hasn’t been working out, he will be pleased to know that you’ve been thinking about (and admiring!) his body.

2. Tell Him He Makes You Feel Safe

Men are more loyal than dogs, and if you let him know that he makes you feel safe, he will stay by your side forever. You can be strong and independent while still letting him know that you love it when he’s there for you. Don’t brush him off as someone you could do without. This will make him feel unappreciated.

3. Tell Him You’re His!

Saying to him that you’re his woman will make it easy for him to obsess over you. Let him know that you belong to him, so you’re just as loyal to him as he is to you. When he feels appreciated like this, he won’t be able to tear his eyes away from you. And that’s exactly what you want.

4. Glimpse Often

Some men struggle with self-confidence. If you know him to be a little insecure, it can be really meaningful to let him know how much you want him. Stare at him to let him know you admire his looks and his body. Once you’ve reached a comfortable spot in your relationship, you can reveal the big phrase:

“I want you”.

This will immediately peak his interests and make him feel totally comfortable with you. From then on, he will want to be with you and admire you the way you admire him.

5. Compliment Him During Intercourse

Once your relationship starts ramping up, and you’re ready to take things to the next level, it’s time to talk about intercourse.

This is another instance where insecurities might come into play. Quickly wash those doubts away by complimenting him every time he does something right in bed. Say, “I love it when you do that”, even when it’s just the little things. Not only will this teach him the right and wrong things he’s doing in bed, but it will help him feel better in the sack too. Little love phrases go a long way!